Signs of the Mompocalypse.

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Welcome to Mompocalypse’s Frequently Asked Questions. Got a question you want me to answer? Comment and I will definitely answer! Probably! Unless I forget! Or your question is stupid! (Last updated: 2.8.11)

1.Why is this blog called Mompocalypse?

Because that sounded better than Momagheddon?


2.What does “Mompocalypse” mean?

Nothing? It’s my own feelings about my family and my parenting style. I am not organized, I don’t have the answers, and I am never going to get all of my children to sit through church. Ever. We are chaotic and messy, but we are funny. And there is a lot of schadenfreude in my stories. My children try to kill me with magnets, but you will probably think it’s hysterical. That’s why I am a Mompocalypse.


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