First 5K of the Year!


I look like a lost hippie. And check out my lopsided hair. Nice.

Today was the local YMCA’s “fun run”. A “fun run” is code for a bunch of hyper-competitive super runners, a few folks who are actually doing it for fun, and me. I fall in to the “I wish I would have been a runner in high school but I wasn’t so I have no practical running knowledge and don’t go really fast but it helped take off the baby weight so get off my back about it” category.

I was originally intending to start out running season with the 10K race, but one of my so-called friends gave me a cold. That virus originated in the 6th layer of hell. I was a crabby, tired snot machine for the better part of two weeks. The two weeks immediately preceding the race. Since I didn’t want to fall over and die after the race (I have kids to take to swim lessons, people. Death isn’t an option!) I opted to run the 5K.

It was cold, snowy, and sloppy on the road but I have got to admit that it was a ton of fun. I surprised myself and ran my fastest race ever and came in 10th in my age class. (That’s a Joe Biden moment again, peeps. The 20-29 age class is full of skinny college girls who can outrun me whilst in a coma. So the fact that I was not last was a BFD.)

And I got the kids to their swim lessons on time. And I baked 2 cakes.

Okay, while that is true, it makes me sound like some kind of semi-athletic Stepford Wife. To be more realistic, the cakes were made from mixes and I had my indentured servants children decorate them. And they did an AWESOME job.

The next Ace of Cakes is clearly in my family.

Happy Easter, everyone!


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