Stuff My Kids Say

Funny Business

I’d put these seemingly random quotes in to some kind of context but, there is no context. They’re four. They have fanciful playtimes and narrate their bizarre adventures. It’s the best thing ever.

“Well, you can give me a haircut. But, only on Easter.” – CK

Apparently the Lord needs to rise from the grave in order for it to be a proper time for a hair cut.

“Syrup goes first. Then frosting. Then porridge.” – Rain

I am starting to suspect he likes sugar.

“I have a bucket! It’s also a hat!” – CK

That’s my boy. You’re going to be in the advanced placement classes for sure.

“I can only have a cheese taco. Beans give me a headache.” – Rain

Wrong body part, child.

“I’ve got a great idea! Let’s put the trains in our pants!” – CK

And then they did. Awesome.


2 thoughts on “Stuff My Kids Say

  1. Thanks for posting, it really made my afternoon. Your kids seems to have inherited mom’s sense of humor! lucky them! I’m from Brazil. One of our talented musicians, Arnaldo Antunes, wrote a book called “Frases do Tomé aos Três Anos” (something like ‘3 year old Tomé’s sentences’) in which he does the same about his son. I like the “If you paint the glass green it turns into a wall” quote =) Congratulations on being FP, but specially on being mom of 3! (don’t translate, please!)

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