Big Percy!

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Dear Rain Man has a little speech impediment. And it’s awkward. Very, very awkward.

Rainy loves trains of all shapes and sizes. He is especially fond of the Thomas the Tank Engine series of trains. (Like every other four year old on the planet. What kind of mind-control devices do they put in those things? “Bust my buffers!” somehow translates in to “You need to buy 700 nearly-identical-except-for-the-paint-job wooden trains for 20 bucks a pop or your life will end.”)

Rain Man’s favorite train is Percy. We have every plastic, metal, and wooden incarnation of Percy available in the free market.

But, Rain Man has a hard time saying “Percy”. He drops the R. Say “Percy” without the R. What does it sound like? Yeah.

This provides hours of entertainment for my husband who likes to ask Rain Man if her prefers the big Percy or the little Percy.

“I love my big Percy! I play with my Percy all day!”

This is definitely not okay. I think we need to double up the speech therapy sessions.


One thought on “Big Percy!

  1. Hahahaha! When my little guy was learning to say truck, he was at a stage where he was changing the ‘tr’ sound to ‘f’. WHOOPS. He said it right in the middle of Sam’s Club one time and I melted into a puddle.

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