And Now We Have Another Rule About Pants

Funny Business, parenting fail

There is a little park across the street from our house. Now that the twins are getting a little older, we’ve been trying to give them a little more freedom. Today they were allowed to go play at the park without me hovering over them waiting for traumatic brain injuries to occur. (Monkey bars give me heart palpitations.) We were all doing great until I asked my husband to gather the kids for dinner.

I was puttering in the kitchen (that bag of onion rings didn’t open itself and leap in to the oven on its own accord, after all) when I heard the door slam, the kids come tearing through the house, and my husband clear his throat behind me. I turned in time to see Rain Man come strutting in to the kitchen stark naked with his brother trailing him, holding a sand pail full of clothing. My husband looked a little shell-shocked.

Things to consider:

1. Why did Rain Man decide to give the neighborhood the fully monty?

2. Exactly how long was he out there streaking?

3. What else was going on there with the sand pail and the clothing?

I did eventually ask Rain Man why he took off all his clothing and he told me it was because he “didn’t want them”.  If only everything were that simple.

Never a dull moment here, guys…


2 thoughts on “And Now We Have Another Rule About Pants

  1. Clothes – who needs ’em? (I do.) They’re just unnecessary distractions, all scratchy and inhibiting. And they prevent sand from getting in all the fun places.

  2. I find my twin daughter likes to take off her top?? why on earth she does that i will never know. My husband thinks this is clearly amusing. I just respond “yeah wait till she is a teenager doing that!” That generally wipes the smirk off his face! haha!

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