Random Thoughts on Children’s Television

Funny Business

George Carlin narrated quite a few episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine. Whenever one of them is on in my house, I keep waiting for Carlin to drop an f-bomb.

Why is no one concerned that the Man in the Yellow Hat is a bachelor living with a chimp and dressing like a banana? I am seeing some red flags there.

Dora. Stop shouting at me.

Dinosaur Dan is schizophrenic and no one talks about it. I mean, the kid thinks he sees dinosaurs walking down the freaking street. That’s…weird.

If real movers looked like the Imagination Movers, I would be far more interested in moving. You can sing dippy songs all day, just let me watch you play the drums. Mmmhmm.

I fixate on voice actors. The actor who plays “May” on Sid the Science Kid is also “Gloria” in Francis and it bothers me more than it probably should. The fact that I can pick that out is sad enough.

Yo Gabba Gabba makes me think I am high.

I always wonder what happened to Steve from Blue’s Clues. Apparently he made albums with the Flaming Lips and starred in a weird sci-fi film. Perhaps staying with a CGI dog would have been a better career move…


5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Children’s Television

  1. This is so funny… I think about the same things… especially the one about dino dan. The first time I saw it I was very concerned and wondered if I somehow missed something that helped explain why no one else was as concerned as me!

  2. Your’e definately not the only one who thinks this way. I have also posted before on strange kid’s shows that if were investigated just a little more, would actually be labelled not safe for kids to watch as it gives them all kinds of ideas to make our lives hell! 😉

    Great post.

  3. I’ve wondered why Little Bear’s parents wear full clothes but he runs around naked. And I like Joe (Blue’s Clues) even better than Steve. 🙂

  4. I feel really old. Dora was just gaining popularity when my kids “outgrew” Nickelodeon! I still remember Blue’s Clues with Steve. Never did like the other guy. Bob the Builder was a fave in our house. If you want I can sing the songs! Maybe that would be a good Vlog! Hahaha!

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