parenting fail

Sorry about the delay in today’s blog post. We had a pretty epic power outage that spanned most of the state for a large portion of the morning. Apparently the one hamster running on a wheel was hit by lightning or something and it was hard to find a replacement because the pet shops were closed because there was no power. Or something like that.

Anyhow, I was kvetching all morning about the power outage. No lights, no power, no COFFEE. It was like living in a third world country.

Cereal Killer comes up to me, trying to be all positive about the situation. He is adorable, but sometimes he doesn’t quite understand what we are talking about because he came out with this gem: “There’s no TV right now. It’ll be back soon when we get some white power. WHITE POWER!”

Oh, Jesus H. Christ on a cracker. My little blonde boy who just yesterday got in to a fight with the hair clippers and now has an incredibly close buzz cut NEEDS to learn how to pronounce “light”. Immediately.

At least that stopped my complaining about the power outage right quick.


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