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Weaning isn’t as easy as it seems. I have a 2 year old boobaholic that isn’t willing to go to meetings. She insists upon a morning nurse, a night nurse, and a nurse any time she falls and gets hurt or injures her pride in any way. (Let’s face it, I am a giant pacifier.)

I lamented because the twins weaned easily.  But, then I remembered they weaned at 2 years, 3 months…on the day Foodie was born. They weaned because they saw their sister do it and it was suddenly less cool. (If I would have known THAT was going to happen, I would have rented an infant LONG before Foodie was born!)

As tempting as it currently is, something tells me having another child just to wean Foodie would be a relatively bad idea. Plus, how would I wean THAT baby? Have another? No.  Just, no.


It shouldn’t be so hard to convince a little one to wean but, she’s so pathetically cute. Today she was walking around with a fresh-from-the-dryer bra on her head saying, “I got boops! Look at dis!”

On the other hand, she tried lifting my mother’s shirt the other day and said, “I like your boops!”

That’s a little awkward…


2 thoughts on “Weaning

  1. My two year old girl was much more into it than my boy was. She did wean right around her second birthday, but that was 4 months ago and she still insists on putting her hands down my shirt all the time. With all the groping, I feel like a co-ed on a first date. Kinda weird. And she calls them, “cute.” She’ll look down my shirt and say, “Bests! So cute!”

  2. “Boops”! I spit my dark roast iced coffee. That is as hilarious as it is adorable! Between that, and all the “penis” anecdotes, I may need to abstain from eating/drinking while reading here. Priceless.

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