The Artist

Funny Business, parenting fail

Cereal Killer has been drawing pictures at school that absolutely kill me. I can’t imagine what his teachers must think.

This is a picture he drew of his father:

A stunning likeness.

The teachers encourage the kids to explain the pictures so they can write it down on the picture for them. I love this. There is a fighting chance I can figure out what the picture is of. Here’s what Killer said about his picture:

This is my Dad. This is his neck. He has a big neck. He should bring me to the pool. That would make me feel good. But he doesn’t have shorts. When he buys some shorts he will come in the swimming pool.

I had no idea my husband A) had such a big neck and B) that Cereal Killer took such an interest in it. I was not surprised he slipped in something about swimming, though. He is just dying to make good use of those new Toy Story trunks.

The next picture he drew had no glorious narration but, Killer assured me that I was the subject of the picture.

Wait, how many arms do I have?

And this is the last one:

This guy has a hat!

I asked him who it was a picture of and he looked at me with disgust.

“Mom, that’s a potato.”

Oh. My bad.


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