Sunday Snapshot: The Breakfast of Champions

parenting fail, Sunday Snapshot

What are YOU looking at?

Yesterday we officially celebrated Foodie’s birthday with a cookout. And apparently I forgot I lived in friggin’ Michigan because that was like the worst party idea ever. In non-arctic climates, May is a beautiful month for a cookout. In Michigan, it’s a way to kill off your loved ones with hypothermia. It was 35* and drizzling. Super awesome.

This picture was taken before the Party of Icy Death. When I took this picture I thought Foodie was thinking, “Back off. I am eating chocolate-cheesecake frosting for breakfast. Don’t be a hater.” But, I realize now she was probably thinking, “Are you insane, woman? You’re taking me to an OUTDOORS birthday party? Did you forget you live in Michigan again?!”


One thought on “Sunday Snapshot: The Breakfast of Champions

  1. I tried this once in Ohio in April for my son’s birthday. Anyone ever hear of April Showers? Now we just let him pick out a restaurant and call it a day.

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