Fun With Dentistry


I am taking Rain Man to the dentist this morning. Because of his Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome, he was born with an ecessively large tongue. It was corrected when he was 2 and a half, but it still managed to create some interesting dental problems. Well, they aren’t so much “interesting” as they are “expensive”. But, I am sure our dentist is very interested.

Today Rain Man is having three cavities filled. He is going to be given nitrous oxide for the procedure. Part of me worries about his reactions to it (he is a red head, after all) but, the other part of me is only concerned about the battery in the camera being charged. (Interesting point: All of his dental work is covered by insurance except the laughing gas. The dentist explained that on children this young, local anesthetic isn’t going to work because kids are all wiggly and general is overkill so, giggle gas is the only viable option. Yet, we have to pay out of pocket for it. How does THAT make sense? At least we’ll get a few free toothbrushes…)

I really want to see what happens when this kid is high as a kite.


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