A Day in the Life with BWS

About the Family

This is what “Ultrasound Day” looks like for my family. What’s that? Your family doesn’t have ultrasounds every three months? Oh.

Well. As I’ve mentioned before, the twins have Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome. And as a fun little bonus, they need to have abdominal ultrasounds every three months to check for tumors.  We have thus far (knock on wood) had only clean scans. But, the process of getting 2 little boys to cooperate for an ultrasound at the butt-crack of dawn is…a challenge. So, I would like to present my little photo essay about Ultrasound Day:

We schedule our ultrasounds for as early as freaking possible because they want the kids to have refrained from eating for 12 hours prior to the procedure. (THAT was fun to try and enforce when the boys were little bitty babies. Oi.) So, we are in the car EARLY.

On the road...

Yeah. The Jeep is, in fact telling us it’s 6:50AM. And it has a pretty sweet cassette player. That’s how we roll.

Rain Man was PISSED that we were leaving the house without breakfast. This was seconds before a minor meltdown because we stopped for gas and he was informed we would not be purchasing anything to eat. That was entirely unacceptable.

Cereal Killer was in a much better mood. But, that was because he managed to grab a fist full of crayons from the house. (Little did we know his master plans for the crayons involved depositing them all over the hospital. Peachy.)

Foodie was in a good mood, too. But, she was allowed to have breakfast…

30 minutes later and we’re at the hospital.

The highlight of any trip to the hospital is always standing in the skywalk and watching the cars below.

In to the elevator. Its next to what I consider an ill-placed stroke-awareness poster. Nothing like thinking, “Going down! …Fast?”

Thank goodness the floor we need is the floor with the star otherwise we’d be making some side trips to the star floor before continuing on because OMG THAT BUTTON HAS A STAR ON IT!!!

Time to register the boys for their ultrasounds while they run around the waiting room. This is the part I hate. The imaging waiting room is also the OR waiting room so there are a lot of families sitting vigil and I feel so out of place with my wild kids. I feel like I am disturbing their private time.

And then its down my least favorite hall. My parents drove me 2 hours from home to this hospital when I was little for my ultrasounds and I remember this hall specifically because I had so much anxiety about the whole thing. Thankfully, they boys are starting to trust that “belly pictures” are nothing to be afraid of and they go tromping down this hall with no problems.

The techs at the hospital have gotten to know us over the last few years and they are prepared. Immediately upon being taken back to the ultrasound rooms, the boys are separated and are done simultaniously. I made the mistake of choosing to stay with Rain Man. He decided to turn this whole thing in to a game known as “Move As Much As Possible – Bonus Points If Mom Is Covered In Ultrasound Gel”. The picture above is Rain Man laying on the table while I hold him down with my legs. It was SO fun…

I knew things weren’t going so well with Rain Man and his fighting when Cereal Killer, Daddy, and Foodie came it proclaiming they were all done and we were barely halfway through.

After an hour of ultrasound gel wrestling, we were all done and the boys were rewarded with the ultimate treat: Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Poptarts.

And just think! We don’t have to do this ever again….until August. Good times.


5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life with BWS

  1. Wow! Sounds completely hectic.
    I dont know how you get them there on time! With my two I can never get anywhere on time!

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