The Bee Hives

parenting fail

Cereal Killer has developed mystery hives over the last few days. We haven’t quite been able pinpoint the cause of the hives. (The doctor thinks it’s a new food allergy. GOOD TIMES.)  Nor have we been able to completely get rid of them. (The podunk pharmacy here doesn’t have dye-free Benadryl. SUPER.) So, poor Cereal Killer has been suffering through lots of big, red, painful hives. They crop up randomly and quickly. I’ve been teaching him to tell me right away when he starts hiving away so I can put some cream on it or throw him in the bathtub. So, now every half hour or so I hear him behind me,

“Mooo-oo-o-om, I gots more bee hives!”

He may look like he got in to a fight with a herd of angry mosquitos, but he sure is precious. 🙂


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