Sunday Snapshot: Moo.

Sunday Snapshot

My milkshake brings all the toddlers to the yard.

You know, when you live in a certain place for a long enough time, you don’t realize the absurd things right in your backyard.

I never thought about how odd a 15 foot cow might look to outsiders until I showed this photo to some people from out of town and they absolutely lost their minds.

The cow is named Jilly and she stands watch over the Jilbert’s Dairy Barn and ice cream shop. I took the kids there last week to have ice cream (Blue Moon and Cotton Candy!) and to watch milk being bottled. It’s one of those unique experiences I take for granted, like living minutes from the shore of the largest and most beautiful of the Great Lakes. Not to get all wishy-washy here, but it really makes you take a step back and realize how awesome your hometown really is.

And, yes. That is Foodie standing under Jilly. She thought she hit the jackpot under that cow. Gotta love breastfed kids.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: Moo.

  1. Wow… making me relive an old memory! We had a local dairy with a similar cow on the roof, only it ROTATED. Your luck was determined by which part of the cow was “facing” you as you drove past it. Front end of the cow: Good Luck. Back end: Bad Luck. Every teenager in town would hit their brakes, making sure the cow was properly oriented before driving past it, because you didn’t want a “bad cow.” Then Hurricane Katrina got the cow. 😦

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