Smart Boy

About the Family

Based on some of the things Rain Man has said today, I have determined he is going to be a highly successful (albeit incredibly nerdy) adult.

Maybe he will be a politician:

“Mama, you should let me have a muffin for dessert and an apple. They’re fruit and I need to grow.”

Perhaps he will warm my little bleeding liberal heart and be a humanitarian:

“I want to share my cars with you!”

He could definitely be a teacher:

“Foodie, this is how you build a train track. You gotta be careful or the trains will fall off…”

All I know for sure is that he’s smart and insightful:

“Mama, before I was born, I didn’t know you.”

Before you were born, I didn’t know me either, sweetie.


3 thoughts on “Smart Boy

  1. These kinds of things prepare you well for when they’re 15. It’s good that you have them written down to refer to in the future, when you turn into the strangest creature on the face of the earth! 🙂

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