Boys Are REALLY Gross

Funny Business, parenting fail

I have moments where I think I have seen it all and I am pretty sure my children can’t possibly do anything to shock me anymore.

You know I am wrong. Always, always wrong.

Today Rain Man pooped on the sidewalk in front of our house. Big ol’ turd. Right there on the sidewalk. Literally a few feet from the door to the house. The house that contains a fully functional restroom. There was even a fresh roll of toilet paper. But, there the brown trout sat… on the sidewalk.

The first thing I thought was, “Well, at least he didn’t poop in his pants.”

My second thought? “I wonder if we can blame it on the neighbor’s dog…”

No. That’s horrible. Plus, the neighbors have a miniature dachshund. There is no way anyone would believe that giant poo-bomb came out of that dog. I may as well get the shovel now.


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