Funny Business, parenting fail

I started doing a little summer school program with the kids this morning in a weak attempt to keep them from driving me mad this summer. It basically entails going through the alphabet and trying to build lessons or crafts around the letter of the day.

Going by the laws of Alphabetical Order, it’s easy to figure out that today was A Day. A is for….ants? Yes! Ants! So, I drew ants for the kids to color, got all the fixings for “Ants on a Log” for snack, I even planned a picnic. Sometimes I am like Supermom on Speed, you guys.

I got up this morning all jazzed for school to find my kitchen FULL OF ANTS. Real ones. Not the kind I was going to help the boys make with pipe cleaners and egg cartons, unfortunately.

Cereal Killer left a juice box under the kitchen table last night. The sticky apple juice went everywhere because OF COURSE the juice box was left on its side. Those friggin’ ants that want to live in the hall closet took a detour to the kitchen when they realized someone left them a juice box kegger.

The irony was not lost on me when I had to boot the children out of the kitchen (with their crayons and ant coloring pages, of course) so I could Borax the invaders and steam mop the floor.

When I envisioned doing an “ant counting” activity, I really didn’t picture it in my kitchen.


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