Why Your Child Is Hyperactive

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If only...

Yeah. That’s a real book. And I really own it. And it really hasn’t told me anything useful. It says almonds and meat loaf might be the cause of my children’s hyperactivity.

I bet.

My kids are definitely hyper but do they need drugs and therapy? No! I do. They need to go to the playground!

Cereal Killer is especially fond of summer and unlimited access to the playground. He taught himself to ride a two-wheeled bike without training wheels in one day. Without help. I need to be sedated am so proud of him. And while they are still hyper, they are much happier when they are out in the sunshine.

That book up there also suggests banning strawberries from the hyper child’s diet. You want to see hyperactivity turn in to a riot? Try telling Rain Man he can’t have any more strawberries in his smoothies. I will just have to take the risk that it’s the berries that are causing him to climb the walls and run around in circles until he falls over.


4 thoughts on “Why Your Child Is Hyperactive

  1. My answer (when others ask about my kids’ hyperactivity…) is that they are exactly what God intended them to be. Most people shut up when you bring God into it.

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