A Normal Child

Funny Business

A normal child cuddles a teddy bear in bed.

My child is sleeping with a bicycle lock snuggled up next to him.


A normal child eats ice cream.

My child sits on my back while I am napping and feeds ice cream to my hair. (Yes, I was THAT TIRED. It happened and I slept through it. I couldn’t figure out why I smelled like “Pirate Booty” ice cream when I woke up…)


A normal child is sometimes afraid of strangers.

My child is so terrified by a person who spooked her by a door once three months ago, she will close her eyes to “hide” from him if he is ever in the same building as her. (Talk about an over-reaction! She kept her eyes closed so long when hiding today, she fell asleep on me.)


A normal child isn’t hard to parent.

My children are fun. 🙂 (Can I get an “Amen” from the parents of the fun kids?!)


4 thoughts on “A Normal Child

  1. My child likes to wrap things around his head. (Think Olivia Newton-John…if you’re not old enough, Google the video “Let’s Get Physical”…) Yesterday it was a flower lei I brought home from a Luau.

  2. Amen! My son likes to pretend he’s a waiter with a British accent (we live in Ohio!). Comes in handy when I’m not in the mood to fetch things myself. 😉

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