Top Searches

Funny Business

One of the highlights of my day is checking out my blog statistics to see how people got here. I get to see what people were searching for on Google when they clicked in.  Here are the top searches that brought people to this blog in the last 24 hours:

harry off dumb and dumber – Well, Rain Man did have that goofy bowl cut for a while…

kids swimming in underwear -I am hoping this is totes an innocent search. Back off, pedo-bears.

big percy – *snort*

silly putty in south africa – You lost me on this one. Really.

kids sleeping in just undies – Okay, I had a story about underwear. That’s legit.

can kids get hyper when they have to poop – What. I mean, yes, they do but…what.


You guys are…weird. You’ll fit in nicely here.


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