Funny Business

As the twins get older, they are starting to make friends. (I think it has something to do with the slide in our front yard and the possibility that I will hand out little ice cream cones.) While they have friends, they are seriously lacking in social skills. This is what Rain Man told his friend from down the street today when I called him in for lunch:

“We have to go eat. You can watch us if you want!”

Yes, that is every four year old’s dream. They just love watching people eat a delicious lunch. I want to tell him it’s not polite, but then he might start inviting his friends in to eat lunch. I love their friends but, there are only so many children I am willing to feed in a day.

After lunch he ran out to find his friend who was milling around the front yard.

“Lunch was good! You would have liked it.”

Rub it in, Rain Man, rub it in…


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