Why Two-Year-Olds Are Awesome

Funny Business

I dispute the whole “Terrible Twos” thing. (It’s more like Terrible Threes…Fours….Fives….) Two-year-olds are hilarious. They are still young enough to crave snuggle time but they are old enough to start showing independence and personality. Why else are they awesome? Well, let me tell you…

1) They show JOY. Foodie does a little dance every time she has a raspberry juice pop. She loves raspberries. She loves them so much that an ice pop made from raspberries make her do a little jig every time she has one. When was the last time you were so happy to see a Popsicle you did a little dance? Two-yea-old joy is the wild abandon kind of joy that makes everyone around them happy. It’s contagious and great!

2)They are smart. If Foodie is the first person awake in the house (which she always is, because who in their right mind wants to get up at 5:30 in the morning?) she will toddle downstairs and turn on Yo Gabba Gabba until someone hears the show and gets up to get her breakfast. The fact that she can work the television and Wii completely independently freaks me out a little. She learned how to do it faster than I did.

3) They are funny. An adult standing on their head in a dress may not be that funny (actually…) but a giggling two-year-old showing her diapered rear to a room full of people is, while slightly embarrassing, also incredibly hilarious.

4) They still love your cooking. The twins are in that picky stage where the only acceptable condiment is ketchup and all foods must be satisfyingly beige for them to consider eating. Foodie, on the other hand, eats veggie sushi rolls, curry, chicken pot pie, anything I could possibly make. If Mom cooked it, it must be delicious. I have delusions that she will skip the picky stage and always be my little gourmet but, she’s a kid. I won’t hold my breath.

5) They want to be tucked in. My favorite part of any day is tucking Foodie in to bed. She looks at me like I am the most fascinating person on the planet when I read her a story. And after the story, she asks for “nosers” and kisses. “Nosers” are, of course, Eskimo kisses. She snuggles in to her covers and just looks at me with such pure love with no strings attached, no shyness, no hidden meaning.  That brings me to my last point…

6) Two-year-olds are honest. If the like something, they tell you. If they hate something, they tell you. They don’t have a censor on them and while that can cause some sticky situations (“Look! Fat people!” “Shhh! That’s not nice!”) it’s refreshing to have a completely honest and raw reaction to life. This is why they are so funny and loving and smart. They aren’t worried about what other people think. They want to absorb as much of life as they can. It’s a zest for life that we often miss and THAT is why two-year-olds are awesome.


3 thoughts on “Why Two-Year-Olds Are Awesome

  1. “The fact that she can work the television and Wii completely independently freaks me out a little.” Amazing how they understand technology with a fluency we can only learn, not naturally acquire. There’s a lot of RAM in their hard drives. I love all 6 of these.

  2. Thank YOU for this post! My son is almost two…and right now I am enjoying him quite a lot more than ever since he was born, for the same reasons you listed on this post. Very cool.

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