Melts My Heart

Funny Business

Yesterday I took the kids to the park. There are, fortunately, many parks in town so, we always have a few to choose from that interest the squirts. This time we picked the park by their preschool class. It was built for bigger kids, but the twins climb like monkeys so, they always have a good time there.

Foodie thinks she is just as big and skilled at climbing. She is not. So, I had to follow her nervously while she tried to tackle ladders, wiggly bridges, and giant slides. I was annoyed because Cereal Killer was encouraging her to follow him up the ladders and down the big slides. But, he kept on encouraging.

“C’mon! Don’t worry. I will catch you if you fall,” he told her.

I hope you remember that when you are teenagers and adults, Killer. And I hope you appreciate what great big brothers you have, Foodie.


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