Weather Confusion

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A few days ago I fought Rain Man tooth and nail to keep him from wearing his favorite fuzzy jacket outside to play. It was a humid 85* and that child would have roasted.

The next day I begged him to put his coat on because the temperature had sunk to a (comparatively) bone-chilling 39*.

He absolutely lost it over this example of clothing double standards. He gave me a look of pure betrayal when I offered him the coat that I had unceremoniously wrenched from him the day before.

Michigan weather is causing my child to have epic tantrums about clothing. He doesn’t know from one day to the next if or when he will be allowed to wear his favorite sweater and/or his Thomas shorts.

I think Mother Nature is actually a Grandmother. She is enjoying watching the payback of fit-throwing children. I must have been awful about dressing for the weather as a child. That’s my only explanation for this.



One thought on “Weather Confusion

  1. I remember being at hostel and having my mom call me from 800km’s away to tell me it’s cold and to put a jersey on… parents care!! those days i thought parents nagged.

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