Sunday Snapshot


I was going through some old emails the other day and I came across this picture my mother sent to me. I had taken it with her camera back on the twins’ first Easter and she emailed me copies. I was so weirdly motivated in those days. I put the boys in cute little bunny pajamas and snuggled them in a giant Easter basket to get one of those super adorable keepsake pictures. (I did goofy crap like that for every holiday until Foodie was born. Then my motivation took a serious dive. Dang.)

The picture above was probably the best shot of the day. The boys weren’t in the mood to look cute or even look at the camera so, most of the pictures were completely worthless. Even in this one you can’t really see Rainy’s wittle face. (Yeah, go me! I can still figure out who is who in their squishy infant pictures. If you have twins, you know that identification can be a sticky subject…)

But, at least it’s kind of funny because Rain Man was trying to eat Killer’s face. Zombie Easter Baby!!! AHHH!!!!


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