It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

Good Reads, of local interest

Something I admire very much is the amount of compassion some people have for animals. A friend of mine has so much compassion (plus a dash of  The Crazy), she has opened her home, her heart, and her wallet to furry creatures of all kinds and started a no-kill animal shelter and sanctuary in my hometown. I am not entirely sure what 9 dogs in a small house would look like. But, I bet her house looks a little like mine after the boys have torn through it. I bet she is also now certain she doesn’t want to ever have children. Happy kids and happy dogs make a lot of the same messes.

If you are in the Upper Peninsula and are looking for a furry companion, check out the Margaret Ann Borden Memorial Animal Sanctuary. (There is also a donation page open if you cannot adopt, but would like to help out some lovely animals that were saved from death row.)

I stalk the pictures of those little fur babies because, as much as I would love a kitten, I am pretty sure it would not survive the “love” my children would inflict upon it. I will satisfy myself with “window shopping” the kitties for now.


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