Sweet Dreams!

Funny Business, parenting fail

I went a-sneaking last night to see how the kids were sleeping. Foodie’s door was ajar so, I peeked in on her first.

But, she wasn’t there. Suppressing the urge to panic, I looked in to the twins’ room and, sure enough, there was Foodie. She was snuggled up in bed with Rain Man. They were both sleeping like contented little angels.

I considered moving her back to her bed, but she looked so peaceful and Rainy was probably thrilled to have someone to cuddle all over in bed. (He’s a hugger, let me tell you…) So, I let them be.

I stood watching them for a while because it looked so precious. I had all those good, heart-warming thoughts that get barfed up in to Norman Rockwell prints about those adorable siblings. They could be a painting! Why hasn’t anyone ever painted these children? They are clearly the most beautiful and loving children on the planet!

Then, Foodie rolled over in her sleep and kicked Rain Man square in the jaw. He woke up shouting for me to remove her. That woke her up and she started bawling about interrupted sleep.

Ah. Yes. That’s why no one has painted them. I remember now.



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