It’s a Hose Shouting Kind of Day


Have you ever had a day that isn’t going very well and your frustration simmers to the boiling point? A day when it is hot and sticky outside and you’ve been stuck in an un-air-conditioned all day long with your siblings and parents watching movies to avoid the burning heat. A day when all you want is to go swimming, but you are told you have to wait for what feels like a century. A day when your mom finally tells you you can go swimming, but then she realizes the pool isn’t ready and makes you wait MORE.

And then your swim trunks are missing. And the hose isn’t running water very fast. And your sister is distracting mom from filling up the pool. That is when you explode. It’s just too much. You stand and shout at the hose as is slowly dribbles water in to your pool.

Yes, you know it’s a bad day when it ends with incoherent screaming at a garden hose.

From now on, if I am having a super bad day, I am simply referring to it as a Hose Shouting kind of day.



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