Funny Business

I think Foodie is hinting to us that she wants a dog. Either that or she is going to need a lot of therapy when she is older.

For the past week or so, Foodie has been getting up in the middle of the night and sneaking in to my bed. Instead of cuddling up with us, she curls up at the foot of the bed like a puppy. I don’t sleep a wink when she does this because we used to have a cat who would sleep on my feet like that. I hate having my feet confined so, I was always kicking the cat off the bed. I am terrified that one day the “pet” I boot off the bed will be my kid. Not a good thing.

Also, if she is given a bowl of cereal, she will smile, bark, and attempt to eat it “like a doggy”. My kitchen floor and I are not big fans of this.

This is rough business because I always want a dog. Always. So, I am trying to resist her adorable puppy role-playing and insistent identification of any dog she sees when we are in the car. But, boy is it hard!


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