A Star Is Born

Funny Business

I am directing a children’s play this summer. (Because I have nothing better to do, right?) It’s an adaptation of The Emperor’s New Clothes and it’s super cute, if I do say so myself.

Last night was the first night of auditions. And since life is never as easy as intended, I had my shadow with me. Foodie came with me to the theatre to assist in auditioning the prospective actors. (The twins were off enjoying their first day of Vacation Bible School, thankfully. I am praying no absurd stories come out of THAT this week.) I brought juice and snacks to entertain her. It worked for about 20 minutes which was, admittedly, 19 minutes longer than I expected.

Once the snacks failed to amuse (or were gone. I am a bit fuzzy on this part…) Foodie decided she wanted to be a star.

I was scribbling notes when I noticed her creeping up to the stairs that lead to the stage. I decided to sit back and see what she would do.

After a group of auditioning youngsters read their parts, I called out to Foodie:

“You want to audition?”

“YEAH!” she squeaked from behind the curtain.

“Go ahead.”

Foodie trotted on to the stage, smiled at everyone and said, “I wanna be a superhero!”

Then she marched off the stage proudly as the theatre filled with a chorus of  “Awwwwwwwww!”

Like mother, like daughter.


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