Super Messiah!

Funny Business

I tried to quiz the twins on the way home last night from their last day at vacation Bible school.

“So, what did you guys learn about?”

“Jesus gives us balloons,” shouts Cereal Killer.

“BAH-LOOOON!” offers Foodie.

“Okay….Well, who was Jesus?” I ask, cringing in anticipation.

“He gives us presents,” says Rain Man.

I am thinking they are starting to confuse Jesus with Santa. Again.

“Tell me more about Jesus,” I say because I just can’t leave well enough alone.

“What would Jesus do…” starts Rain Man as I am picturing those cheapo bracelets the God Squad wore in high school. “If there was a car that drove in to the lake?”

“Do what now?”

“He’d fly in and pick up the car and save everybody!” shouts Cereal Killer.

“Supah hero!” adds Foodie.

Well then. I guess they did absorb a little religion this week. Unfortunately, they are taking that whole “Jesus saves” thing a little too literally. Though, I do like the idea of putting little capes on my rosaries. That would make a holy hour a little more interesting…


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