Funny Business

The twins were digging around in my cupboards the other day and discovered a bag of dried beans.

“What are these?!” they asked.

I was silly enough to tell them that they were beans. I forgot that the first thing a 4 year old thinks of when they see a non-green bean is, “JACK AND THE BEANSTALK!!!”

“Can we plant these beans?” asked Rain Man excitedly.

I believe I was able to utter “N-” before the boys shot out the door with my sack of beans.

I spent then next 30 minutes watching in amazement and horror as the boys dug a hole in the front yard, planted an entire bag of pinto beans, and tromped in and out of the house with a dinky little watering can to get water for their new garden plot.  The resulting bean-and-mud hole was a rather impressive sight. I am sure the neighbors were thrilled.

Then, they sat in the sidewalk and waited for the beans to grow.

I didn’t have the heart to give them a dose of reality about their project so, I just let them watch their beans and listened to them bicker about who was going to pick the first bean.

Once they finally gave up on the planted beans for the day, they came inside and asked if they could have a can of beans. Maybe those would grow better.

Oh boy.

I think I need a 4H intervention before my children start trying to farm their sister. (I did say she was growing like a weed and they take life very literally…)


2 thoughts on “Beans

  1. You got me in a laughing-non-stop mode. I guess not only your children are great and funny, in their in-nonsense, but also you have a talent on telling their tales. Congrats again. I don’t have kids myself yet, but I deeply want so, and imagine how hard it must be to get away from them most of the day…

    1. I just found out “to get away” means specifically “escaping from something”. That’s not what I meant. I meant “staying away must be hard”. Bad, bad english.

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