Workin’ 9 to 5

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So, I recently got a job. It’s nice. But, I have realized something.

Being a working mom is HARD.

I don’t want to minimize the work stay-at-home parents because they have the hardest jobs in the world. Not only are they responsible for cooking, cleaning, child-rearing, and a variety of other tasks that are usually quite thankless, they don’t get an hour to sit in a break room eating lunch and watching daytime TV.

But you know what is harder than being a stay-at-home parent? Being a stay-at-home parent transitioning in to a working parent. I go to work and worry about what the kids are in to. Then I come home and try to cram 12 hours of cleaning, cooking, and playtime in to my evening.  I know I have to prioritize and perhaps not freak out that there is nail polish on the light switch and the children ate nothing but bananas today. But, it’s hard to go from managing (or micro-managing) my household to being out of the loop.

That aside, I am starting to see the perks of working outside the house. The ecstatic welcome home I got from the kids made being apart from them for eight hours much easier to deal with.


2 thoughts on “Workin’ 9 to 5

  1. I started work in April this year after two and a bit years at home with the twins.
    I have to say I completely relished it. I so missed the work, the interaction etc. I am a working woman by heart and I was never designed to be a SAHM. I loved the time I did have with the kids at home (as hard, frustrating, emotionally draining as it was) and it was the right thing to do at the time. But now being back at work its great.

    As for coping, yes it is a little harder, but as time goes on, you tend to work out a routine that is best for you and the kids. I must admit though, I am in desperate need of a couple hours more sleep! 😉

  2. You have a great attitude about it! If you can be a working mother with three kids, and have an acceptable level of hygiene maintained in your home, then you’re doing GREAT!

    Advice from an “old” pro – let go of the Small Stuff. You’re exactly right about the nail polish on the nail polish. Have that same attitude about all of the Small Stuff. (And almost all of it really is Small Stuff.)

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