CK on Children

Funny Business

I was snuggling with Cereal Killer in his bed last night when he decided to give me the most adorable monologue on children ever.

“Know what, Mom? When I am bigger, you’re gonna be a Gramma. Someday I am going to have babies. I am going to have three babies. They are all going to sleep in the same room, but I am gonna need three cribs. They’ll be tiny.When I say it’s time for bed, it’s time for bed.  Wanna know what they are gonna get when they wake up? Poptarts, popcorn, and jelly sandwiches. Yup.Wanna know what they are gonna get for dinner? Chicken and rice and honey. Uh huh. And then we can go to your Gramma house and visit you. I’ll need three…what are those seats calls? Oh  yeah, car seats. They each need one. And they will stay in their car seats.

They’re gonna be so cute.”


Wow. I can’t wait to show this to him when he is older. 🙂


2 thoughts on “CK on Children

  1. that is adorable! Are you going to show it to him after he’s been up for three days straight with the single (or two… or maybe he know’s something, and it’ll be 3) screaming child(ren) who won’t stay asleep and have decided they don’t like honey or popcorn, or silence? 😛

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