There’s a Party in my Tummy

Funny Business

I really love reading to the kids at bedtime. They snuggle up and we read about the adventures of Larry the Cucumber or Thomas the Tank Engine or Lowly Worm. Their teachers have mentioned on many occasions that they can tell we read to the kids at home because they love story time at school so much.

Well, I was just finishing up Cereal Killer’s story (The Gingerbread Man) and he asked for some extra snuggles. I am still having Working Mom Guilt so, I cuddled up to him and listened to his constant stream of thoughts that he releases entirely uncensored.

At one point, he asked to listen to the “inside” of me. He wanted to listen to my stomach to see if it would make any noise.

“Mama, your insides are noisy. Why?”

I tried to explain that it was digestion causing grumbling noises.

“I think it’s food rocks,” he told me at the end of my clearly inadequate explanation.

“You eat too many cookies and treats, Mama.”

Is he calling me fat again??


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