Wise Words from my Children

Funny Business

The kids have been coming up with some real gems lately. I swear I could fill a library with the strange and funny things they come up with. Here is just a sample of some of their cute little sayings:


“The mailman is always right.” – Cereal Killer

“I don’t like this movie. Too many mustaches.” – Rain Man

“Long day! Needa Diet Coke! – Foodie (Oh boy, she’s been listening to me…)

“You sad? Try goin’ potty.” – Foodie

“I learned that thr0wing watermelon is dangerous.” -Cereal Killer (Let me tell you, there is a story THERE.)

“You get dinner and you don’t throw a fit. Then you have dessert.” -Rain Man



3 thoughts on “Wise Words from my Children

  1. Good God, this is hilarioius. My punkins are quote-worthy as well (ex: “Hey, mom, I bet I can make everyone around you disappear. First, close your eyes.” Pause. “Isn’t that cool?”), especially the youngest one, and I have found that one of the greatest things about blogging is that I can share their unintentional humorous wisdom with the masses. Love your blog…

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