Gotta Smell

Funny Business

I have been trying to entice Foodie to wean for about 6 months now with little success. And I am starting to see why. She is much more clever than I am.

We were siting on the couch and she was lovingly fondling my shirt. I could tell she was thinking about nursing and I thought I was prepared.

“Mama, wanna nurse.”


So, she changed tactics. “Wanna see da boops,” she said, lifting my shirt.


She left me alone until she planned out her next move.

“Gotta smell,” she said sweetly.


“Gotta smell.”

I sat there confused while she lifted my shirt and  brought her little nose to my chest. She made two exaggerated sniffs, gave me a sneaky look, and then latched on at started nursing for all she was worth.

Well played, little girl.


One thought on “Gotta Smell

  1. I went through such trials and tribulations weaning my younger son– it basically became an extreme battle of wills and I was so exhausted and drained (from all the freaking nursing!) that I did not see a clear path to victory. I followed every tip about cutting down gradually, reasoning with him, snuggling him and substituting a snack (things that worked like a charm with my older son),with absolutely no luck. He started throwing tantrums when I refused (“Don’t offer. Don’t refuse. Good luck with my Jack La Leche league!) and I found myself hiding from him in fear of the confrontations. A friend suggested dousing myself in lemon juice because it got her daughter off of the boob– no luck with Jack, he thought the lemon juice was delicious! Eventually as I emerged from a shower I was hit with a moment of inspiration– I sprayed myself with perfume, fanned it dry and waited for my boy’s first approach. I told him that he’d gotten so big that the baby milk was no longer good. He asked if he could try anyway. He did and at the first taste, burst into tears. I let him try whenever he wanted (and kept myself perfumed) for about 3 days, and then it was over, though for about 6 months after that he would occasionally ask if “nursing was still yucky”. I still feel a little guilty about tricking him, but I was truly at the end of my rope.
    Bottom line– weaning is not always easy, but few wills are as strong as my Jack’s and I am sure that your daughter will move on in a peaceable manner. And if she doesn’t, break out the perfume!
    Good Luck!

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