Time Machine

Funny Business

I have discovered an amazing time traveling technique that makes children look older in seconds. It, unfortunately does not improve or mature their behavior, however. But, I am still tweaking my device.

This magical time machine is actually… a haircut.

I gave the boys haircuts the other day. That in itself was quite the ordeal. Rain Man had been asking for a haircut for about a week when I finally got to it. He was pleased as punch until the clippers came out, then he freaked out and gave me the whole screaming/crying song and dance until it was over. As soon as the clippers were out of sight, he turned off the noise machine, told me he looked great, and trotted off to play. Baffling.

Anyhow, after the boys were done being shorn like sheep I realized how grown up the looked. They didn’t look like tubby little toddlers, they looked like lanky boys. Apparently being able to see someone’s face gives you a more accurate gauge on their actual age. Who knew. They are headed towards age 5 at breakneck speed! School starts in a couple weeks! What? When did this happen?!

Either they are growing up faster than I can keep track of, or my hair clippers have magical powers.

I am hoping it’s magical clippers.


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