Funny Business

We took the boys to a play last night. It was a community theatre production of a bunch of fairy tale adaptations. I was acting in a few of them and I directed one. It was a fun kid-oriented show so, I figured the boys would love it. Foodie…well, she’s a little young to sit so she got to have a nice evening with her one of her favorite babysitters.

I was backstage getting ready for “The Ugly Duckling” and I had a feeling I would be heckled on stage by my own children.  I made my entrance and, sure enough I could hear from the audience,


The girl playing the Ugly Duckling did a fantastic job and would make loud, hilarious honks. Unfortunately, so do my children now.

After my parts were over and the heckling stopped, (the honking, however, will likely continue for weeks) I went out to the audience to see the boys. I asked them how they liked it.

Rain Man wanted to know when he was allowed to go on stage.

Cereal Killer asked how old he had to be for them to let him run the stage lights. I noticed he completely ignored the second half of the production because he was busy staring up in to the balcony to figure out how he could get up there.

I am in trouble.


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