At The Park

Funny Business

Yesterday I took the boys to the park with my mom. I think she is starting to understand why I cringe whenever someone suggests that I take them out in to public.

Rain Man was only interested in the basket of snacks my mom packed and was acting like a little movie critic while slowly consuming everything that wasn’t tied down.

“They think they are digging for treasure, but it’s just dirt,” he said seriously about a group of little girls playing in the sandbox.

“I will not ride the dinosaur. That’s ‘diculous.”

I had no idea playing in the park was such serious business.

Meanwhile, Cereal Killer was climbing all over the monkey bars like a little squirrel. Eventually he got to the highest point of the playground and sat there observing his kingdom. He watched as my mom took off her jacket and decided to give her a suggestion.

“NOW TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS, GRANDMA!” he shouted over the din of the playground.

I couldn’t even pretend to look serious and disapproving when I saw the look on my mother’s face.


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