parenting fail

Rain Man isn’t the most coordinated child. He has one leg that is slightly longer than the other due to his Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome so, he has a harder time balancing than his brother. He’s still an active, lovable, spazzy little boy so, I rarely notice it.

Today was what made me realize how much his little leg is holding him back and it just about broke my heart.

Cereal Killer loves to ride his bike. He rode it without training wheels from day one and zips up and down the sidewalk as much as possible. It’s giving me grey hair, but that’s another story. Well, Rain Man has a bike too, but he never rides it. I’ve tried to help him, but he just gets discouraged and asks to do something else. I assumed, incorrectly, that he wasn’t as interested in riding a bicycle as his brother.

My mom brought over a tricycle today for him, thinking he might be more comfortable on that since he was still unsure of his bike and she thinks he might be less spazzy if he gets more exercise. Rain Man was so thrilled. The look of complete joy on his face as he pedaled up and down the sidewalk almost made me cry. He wants to do all the things his brother does, but has a hard time doing them. The tricycle gave him the freedom to ride without the problems of balancing.

“Look at me! I’m a space ranger!” he shouted as he flew by on his trike.

I hadn’t noticed how much that was holding him back and I feel awful about it. Why didn’t I think of this? How dense am I? I can’t wait until we can get to the specialists downstate so we can get an action plan for him. He’s going to be a completely different and happy little guy once he can balance himself better!


One thought on “Tricycle

  1. I think you are too hard on yourself. You don’t see a little boy with a problem because he is an amazing kid. And kids don’t communicate as completely as an adult would. Now that you know, you can begin to help him, and that is what counts. Hugs from NY! Abbie

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