Extreme Ring-around-the-rosy

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The kids love playing ring-around-the-rosy. And really, who doesn’t love nursery rhymes about the plague?

Because these are my kids we’re talking about, they have to take the game to the next level and make it a full-contact sport. Naturally.

I was spinning around with Rain Man and Foodie in the kitchen and we were about to “all fall down” when a blur that I can only assume was Cereal Killer came from the living room and barreled in to the middle of our ring. The children were highly amused by this and began a ring-around-the-rosy/human bowling tournament. I backed away slowly so I wouldn’t get involved and so I could figure out the “rules”.

After a few minutes of watching, I determined the rules are as such:

1. The goal is to get in to the middle of the ring before everyone falls down.

2. Bonus points if you head butt your way in and everyone gets knocked down.

3. Don’t talk about Fight Club?

I am not sure why I am shocked. I mean, they made Candyland in to an extreme, full-contact sport once. I need to find them a peewee fall sports league. Doesn’t matter what sport, so long as they can run head first in to things…



2 thoughts on “Extreme Ring-around-the-rosy

  1. Make sure it’s a sport where the kids wear padding… and a helmet. the padding is to protect the other kids from your guys… the helmet is to protect your kids from whatever they headbut 😛
    … this is why my little sister ended up in hockey – protective gear for the other children.

  2. Ring Around the Rosey Trivia: I was in London a few years ago, and our tour guide explained the origin and original words to the song. It’s kind of weird.

    It started in England during the Bubonic Plague in the Middle Ages. The stench of the victims was everywhere, and people started putting fragrant flowers (posies and roses) on their lapels to mask the smell. The original verse was “Achoo, achoo, they all fall down dead” because the illness brought sneezing with it.

    Now I’ve probably ruined it for you. Sorry.

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