Belly Pictures

Funny Business

It was Belly Picture day yesterday. The boys needed their quarterly ultrasounds so, we were up at the crack of dawn to trek to the hospital. Rain Man was especially surly because he really wanted some breakfast and that can’t happen until after the ultrasounds.

Let’s just say that getting Rain Man’s ultrasound done looked a lot like those greased pig-chasing events at the fair.

It was when we got to Cereal Killer that things really got fun, though. That child has the gift of gab and he decided to share his gift with the ultrasound technician. He started chatting her up and then gave us all this:

“If there was a giant robot, we could hide here in the hospital because there’s lots of room here. We could hide from the robot cuz he might have lasers. And you know what? I could call Spiderman and he could come and rescue us. I know where he lives so, I can tell him to come get us. So, don’t worry if a giant robot comes.”

I think that was his way of flirting. Oh boy.


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