The Great Outdoors

Funny Business

I think my boys have befriended a kindly woodsman while my back was turned because I am pretty sure they have a better working knowledge of the forest and all its little woodland creatures than I do. They are also like nature-ninjas because they are clearly getting in to mischief without my knowledge. Again.

“Hey mom?” Rain Man asked while we were driving around attempting to find someone, anyone with a hockey stick. (Long story.)


“If a fox went in to a skunk hole, would the skunk just squirt him or would he bite him, too?”

“Uh, well….I can’t say I know. Why do you ask?”

“Well, how about a chippy?”

“A chippy?”

“A chipper-monk. What if a chipper-monk went in the skunk hole?”

I tried to suppress the giggles because I was getting a mental image of Friar Tuck wedged in a tiny burrow with this little feet waggling in the air.

“I guess if the chipmunk was threatening the skunk? Maybe. Why are you asking about skunk holes?”

Rain Man never had to answer that question because as we pulled in to the driveway, I could smell the pungent aroma of a very angry skunk wafting in from the backyard.

I am definitely going to have to re-examine how much access those boys have to the backyard.



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