Hide and Seek

Funny Business

I love coming home from work to see the kids. The closer to home I drive, the happier I feel. It warms my heart to pull in to the driveway and watch them pour out of the house (in various states of undress) and run to the van, shouting and telling me what they did that day as fast as physically possible. (They could give the Micro Machines guy a run for his money.)

Well, today after I was welcomed home by my hyper-active brood, I went to take a quick catnap before taking the kids out grocery shopping. Since it’s against the law for any mother to ever sleep alone, I was quickly joined by Foodie and Rain Man.

“We gotta hide,” Foodie told me seriously through her long, blonde bangs. “Shh!”

She ducked in to the blankets and urged Rain Man to follow her. I was soon covered in blankets as well so the real hiding could begin.

“We hide from Daddy. Daddy not find us!” Foodie whispered in that overly breath-y toddler whisper.

Knowing Daddy, I could believe that. Daddy not find us because Daddy not look for us so, I had to help the game along.


Eventually Daddy took the hint and came to the bedroom to look for us. I could feel the kids just bursting with anticipation. I am sure the bed was wiggling like crazy.

“I wonder if they are in the bed!”

Daddy whipped the blankets off the bed and the kids exploded in to peals of laughter.

“Let’s do again!” squealed Foodie. “Hide-a seek SO fun! I love you, Mama, Daddy!”

I think that was more refreshing than any catnap.



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