Food Wars


Rain Man is an instigator of picky eating at dinner time.

Last night I made chicken, macaroni and cheese, and broccoli. These are all foods Rain Man has deemed acceptable in the past so, I thought we could be safe.

“I don’t like it,” he said before even taking one bite. He didn’t want to try it or look at it. He was not going to eat it.

Copycat Foodie who eats EVERYTHING got in on the act. “I don’t like it, too!”

So, now I have two hungry little crabs giving me the stink eye because of dinner.

Cereal Killer never eats. He survives through photosynthesis, I think. So, I was wholly un-surprised when he told me he wasn’t planning on trying the dinner either.

Daddy and I ate. The children stared and mentioned they were hungry, too. I pointed to the full plates in front of them, much to their dismay.

“Can I go outside?” Cereal Killer begged after his non-dinner. Rain Man nodded in agreement.

“You need to eat dinner first.”

Well, you’d think I just told them I was going to kill a puppy and run for congress. “MOM! NO!!!”

“Oh, yes.”

So, Killer and Rain sat down at the table grudgingly. Apparently going outside is more important than being stubborn about supper.

Killer ate his dinner, admitting that he did like it. Surprise, surprise.

Even Foodie gave in on dinner. I pretended I was going to eat her dinner and she decided my interest made her dinner delicious. She cleaned her plate in minutes.

Rain Man, on the other hand, is sneaky and tried hiding his dinner. I caught him sneaking it under the table. When I confronted him, he gave me this gem:

“I was feeding the dog.”

That would be adorable… if  we had a dog.



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