Totally Hidden

Funny Business

I was having a hard time getting Foodie to go to bed last night. She loves playing and snuggling with her brothers and had it in her mind that she HAD to sleep in their room. That would be fine and dandy, but she flails in her sleep and I could see that ending very badly. So, she had been reprimanded and returned to her room several times.

I stationed myself on the stairs after one of her many guided returns to her bed. Sure enough, I watched as her door silently crept open. She was going to make a break for it, but as I watched for her to emerge, I had to suppress the giggles.

My sneaky daughter had decided that she could sneak in to her brothers’ room unseen if she was hiding. Under a blanket.

I watched as she shuffled slowly towards the door with a tiny pink polka dotted blanket draped over her head.  It didn’t even cover her top half fully. But, she was convinced she was completely hidden from me.

The best part was how shocked she was when I came upstairs to herd her back in her room.


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