The Great Ann Arbor Adventure: Part 1

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Well, we are back and mostly in one piece.

I learned a lot on this trip.

1. People from Detroit drive exactly like you think people from Detroit would drive.

2. A Ford Fiesta is not an appropriate vehicle to take across the Mackinaw Bridge.

3. If you are tired enough, not even a child wetting the bed next to you will rouse you from sleep.

4. If you have an appointment for 1:30pm in the U of M Hospital, arrive at 3. You’ll still be early.

5. My husband is very lucky I was too tired to smother him to death when I got home. He forgot to pack Rain Man’s Thomas the Train stuffed animal and there are consequences when you don’t remember Thomas. And they aren’t pretty.

6. There are no stores in Ann Arbor that sell Thomas the Train stuffed animals.


We may have only been gone for two days, but I feel like I just finished a month long trek of horrors.

We left around 5 in the morning on Wednesday in the rental car. It was approximately the size of my left foot so, I knew it was going to be a super awesome road trip. The boys napped and nibbled on cereal until we stopped at The Bridge.

Now, the Mackinaw Bridge is big. Really big. And I was traveling with my mother who is terrified of bridges. I was going to just shut my mouth and drive so we could hopefully make it across without her flipping out. But, nothing goes according to plans…

There was construction on the bridge and there ended up being a traffic stop. On the bridge. We were literally right in the middle of the bridge in a Ford Fiesta, stopped. You could feel the wiggling and vibrations of the wind and cars moving the bridge. I just kept my mouth shut.

“How old is this bridge?” says Rain Man from the back seat. Oh crap.

“Is it strong enough? Are they fixing it cuz it’s broke? Is it going to fall? Can the car swim?”

I glanced at my mother and she looked like she was about to have a stroke. I tried shushing Rain Man, but he kept asking questions about the structural integrity of the Mackinaw Bridge.

I snuck this picture while we were stopped on the Mackinaw Bridge.

We finally made it off the Bridge and everyone relaxed a little.

At around lunch time we rolled in to Mt. Pleasant. It is an unfortunately named place because it is neither mountainous nor pleasant. But, it was there and we were hungry so we stopped. Aside from almost being run over by an oblivious old woman with a shi tzu in her lap, it was one of the most relaxing parts of the whole trip. (THAT says a lot…)

After that it was a straight shot to Ann Arbor. I had been planning to lodge at the MedInn at the hospital because, well, it was there and cheap. But, my mother had reward points from something or other so, she got us a stay in a nice little hotel with a pool. As soon as the luggage hit the hotel room, the boys were whipping off their clothes to get in to the pool. They swam to exhaustion. Cereal Killer got brave and was jumping in to the pool without any help and then doggy paddling his way to the edge. I’ve never seen him try to swim without a float or someone assisting him. So, that was exciting.

We dined at one of those every-food-on-the-planet buffets. The kids picked at their food. I guess a whole day of driving and snacking will do a number on a 4 year old’s meal schedule. (Uh, duh.)

After dinner we made a failed attempt at a trip to the mall. Rain Man was getting anxious about being in a new place and started freaking out. He was begging alternately to find a toy store for shopping and to get back to the hotel so he could make sure his stuff was still there. Basically, he wanted a security item and since his normal one wasn’t there (what I would have given for that stupid Thomas stuffy at that moment…) he was having a hard time expressing his anxiety. It made perfect sense to me. He wasn’t begging for a toy to be a brat, he just needed something to hang on to. And he wasn’t whining about the hotel to irritate, he just needed to be around something familiar. Apparently his wet swim trunks were familiar enough. My mother was at the end of her rope with him because she’s not used to spending such a long time with him in an unusual situation so, we had to hightail it out of there before they BOTH had a meltdown.

As soon as we got back to the hotel, we all hit the sack and slept like rocks. I ended up with Rain Man who, of course, peed in the bed. I was a little embarrassed to admit that it didn’t even wake me up. I was so bloody tired, I just slept through it.

The next morning is going to be one of those annoying “to be continued” situations because it was epic. And I still have sleep to catch up on.


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