The Great Ann Arbor Adventure: Part 3


5PM. 10 hour drive in front of me. It’s go time.

I stuffed everyone in the car and zipped out of the parking garage. I was ready to hit the road.

“I gotta go peeeeee.”

Seriously, Rain Man?! I JUST asked you to use the bathroom before we left the hospital. Arg!

I pulled over at a gas station. Fun fact: It’s the only gas station in Ann Arbor without a working toilet.

After some quick maneuvering and another potty break, we were finally on the road. The boys fell asleep right away, as I hoped they would. I gave a liberal interpretation of the speed limit and by the time they woke from their nap, we were in Saginaw.

Sorry to the lady working at the Saginaw Wendy’s. Rain Man wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. So, that whole “get me a cheeseburger but with no burger” thing did kind of blow your mind, but I think we got through it okay.

Back in the car we went and I made it to the Mackinaw Bridge by 9:30pm. Now, that’s not AMAZING time, but when you are driving with 2 kids and a nervous grandma, you take what you can get.

We got over the bridge and were welcomed by extreme, suicidal wildlife. In the span of 1 hour I almost hit 2 foxes, a coyote, and a herd of deer. I am not sure who would have come out looking better if there had actually been an impact. I wasn’t too trusting of the Ford Fiesta’s structural integrity.

At 1:30 in the morning, we made it home. The trip meter read 1001.4 miles on it.

Rain Man stumbled in to the house, took off his pants, and plopped in his bed. Cereal Killer didn’t even get that far, he just crawled in to bed fully clothed. I was too tired to fight with him.

I slid in to my own bed minutes later and…couldn’t sleep. I think that last Red Bull to stay awake on the road had been a little TOO effective. Crap.


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