Con Artist in Training

Funny Business

I put the squirts to bed tonight with a high degree of difficulty. This was the triple lutz of bedtime routines. (After I dropped Foodie’s toothbrush in the toilet, it was more like the triple klutz, but that’s another story.)

The boys were squirrelly (My spell checker thinks that word should be “irrelevantly”. I am amused.) so I sat in the upstairs hall to remind them it was time to remain in bed. Clothed. Quietly. Considering sleep at the very least. Yes. Now.

They eventually settled down, but Foodie was another story. Every few minutes she would peek out her bedroom door at me and give me the most innocent looks she could muster.

“Mama. I gotta go pee.”

“You aren’t potty trained and you are wearing a diaper.”


A few minutes later the door opens again.

“I need some water.”

“Then you’ll pee.”

“Then I gotta go bathroom.”


She’s good at this.


One thought on “Con Artist in Training

  1. Where do they learn this? We recently moved our two-year old into a toddler bed (we need the crib for the impending arrival of baby #2) and I am amazed at the excuses he comes up with to get out of bed. Today at nap time he was up because he insisted that his toy lawn mower needed to come into bed too.

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